What services are there for schools?

A talk on street safety or a self-defence course/workshop

Talk on street safety/personal safety

This interactive lively session thoroughly engages students. The concepts are thought provoking and enhances their learning of how to be more aware. Students leave feeling more confident in how to deal with threatening situations and can now address their vulnerabilities.

Some of the subjects covered are:

  • What to do if you’re being followed
  • Safety on public transport
  • Mobile phones
  • Going to an unfamiliar area

The content is structured according to their age group from 9-18 years old. Sessions are normally for 60 minutes.


Self-defence course or a workshop

These sessions are more hands on practical. Taught in a safe and effective way of what to do if you are physically attacked.

Some of the scenarios covered are:

  • Being attacked from behind or sideways
  • Strangled or push around
  • Thrown to the floor and attacked
  • Hair, arm and clothes being grabbed

Courses are normally between 4-6 weeks with a duration of 60 minutes each session.

Workshops are 90 minutes. However, duration of courses and sessions can be adjusted to fit in with your programme.

Optimum number per session are 30 students.

All sessions can be implemented within: PSHE – PE – After school activities – School leavers.

Please enquire for DBS online details, risk assessment, insurance and referees.